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Paysverco Inc was established in 1983 to import and wholesale garden tools and garden related items. At that time, we were mainly a Quebec-based supplier. In 1991 we purchased Pro-Can Imports, a Toronto-based horticultual supply importing company, to expand our customer base in Ontario. Activities to develop and import products from China were initiated in 1996.

Our business now is décor, both outdoor and indoor. Our products come from various countries; our latest collection being handcrafted objects by local craftspeople in Honduras.

We support and encourage fair trade small-scale artisan workshops. Our metal objects, wrapped or woven, are a hand-crafted collection of wire tables, chairs, candleholders and accessories including planters, candelabras, stools, bowls, plant stands and supports etc.

Our clay pottery line is hand thrown on wheels or hand-formed in a small Honduran mountain village. The artisans were trained by Guy Wollf, the well known New England pottery. The varieties of shapes are reminiscent of forms used in earlier times. The colours are very soft and earthy, which creates an antique organic look and feel.

Our decor collection features hand-carved birds made from branches and vine by local artisans using only a machete to create swans, ducks, ravens, and birds perched on rocks. Natural stones found along the mountain roadside are used with metal and wood to create unique objects.

For further information contact Michael Goodellow, President


The Honduran factory  of Atuto has been producing wonderful hand crafted objects in the mountains for the past twenty years. They have become known as a resource for exclusive private label goods, and now we are pleased to offer their extensive wholesale collection in Canada. They are very proud of the modern production facility which is linked to our network of small artisan workshops. Crafts people bring dedication to their work and possess skills that are unique in all the world.

In a country where a large part of the population has no work, each job is precious. The factory serves the people of Honduras with employment as well as community services. Atuto's founder, Holland Mills, created the Ambos Foundation to provide training and business loans for rural artisans, housing for elders and food and care for at-risk children.


Atuto du Honduras est un producteur et exportateur des produits en céramique, bois, fer et fibres naturelles depuis 20 ans. Atuto offre des formations et de l’aide en développement de produits et en commercialisation à des personnes pauvres et sans qualifications professionnelles. Dans l’usine de commerce équitable, 110 personnes, dont 70 femmes sont employées. Elles travaillent également avec 300 autres artisans pour promouvoir la mise sur pied de petits ateliers. Quand Mitch a ravagé la région, Atuto a mis en place la Fondation Ambos, pour superviser les programmes de développement social et économique continus.