Wall objects-Objects pour murs

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Interior wall objects

objects mural

Berry Wreath, cream

Ref: XD22138

Berry Wreath, red

Ref: XD23138

Coat hook single

Ref: TU2087

Coat hook single Enfleur

Ref: TU2084

Leaf wall candleholder

Ref: TU3070

Leaf wall pot holder

Ref: TU2016


Ref: XD70308


Ref: XD83772

Orleans wall box

Ref: XD81501

Roof tile candleholder

Ref: TU4135-33-37


Ref: TU0975


Ref: TU0973

Slate clock and gauges

Ref: DCGA821

Wall clock & thermo, metal

Ref: DCTH072

Wall clock thermo & humidity, metal

Ref: DCTH073

Wall clock, antique face

Ref: DCGA314

Wall cross

Ref: XD81601

Wall hook

Ref: WH30257

Wall hook - butterfly

Ref: AU412688

Wall hook - dragonfly

Ref: WH30263

Wall hooks EnFleur!

Ref: TU2053

Wall hooks, Willowwire

Ref: TU0605

Wall plaque - fleur de lys

Ref: XD72238

Wall pot holder EnFleur!

Ref: TU2052

Wall shelf fleur de lys

Ref: XD84024


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Wall Objects

Objects mural